“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
We love telling stories with our journalistic style of photography. We love capturing real emotion and love.

We shoot with our hearts & aim to capture yours. We love stories, we love people, we love real!

It all started when two passionate, slightly crazy people met through our mutual love for photography. We got hitched in 2011, and through grace alone, we were able to start Kikitography and jump into it full time. We travelled South Africa and to some amazing countries where met people with lovely stories. The more we got to know new people, the more we wanted to shoot their stories and capture authenticity. Our story just got even better in 2013, when we found out that Tehillah was pregnant. We were blessed with a little girl and we named her Malkah - which means Queen in Hebrew. She’s been making our lives even better and we love doing life together. Life for us is about relationships with our family and friends, first and foremost. We love random adventures, dancing, watching ’The Office’ and traveling all around the world. We have a massive weakness for Nespresso coffee, sushi and salted dark chocolate! We love capturing life as it is through the way God blessed us to see life. We love Jesus and we love people - and we absolutely love writing stories with our photography. SHARE IN OUR STORY

What you'll remember

As human beings, we are wired to connect with memories of pure emotion and depth. When you book a photographer, you need to know what they aim to capture for you. You need to stop and ask yourself - is what they capture going to be relevant in 20 years from now? Will my kids, and grandchildren look through my wedding shots and see the essence of who we are, and were when we got married? When we became parents we fell in love with documenting moments, more than ever before. Raw moments without pretense, moments that actually happen, and aren’t set up. Your wedding is a part of your life story, the start to an incredible journey, a day that marks to beginning of a lifetime adventure.