What are the workshops all about?

Every now and then we host a storytelling workshop for groups of 6-8 people, depending on the size of the venue where we host it.  At our workshops, we don’t shy away from giving away all our so-called secrets since these are what we wished someone had told us when we started out or even along the way.  We share much more than just shooting a wedding – we share our hearts and everything we pour into our photography.  We share the way we edit, how to approach each wedding in its own unique way.  We also aim to inspire fellow photographers in the industry if they feel stuck or just overall not inspired.  We love to see people love what they do, and if we can help in any way to help you live your dream, we want to give you our hands and feet!

When we started shooting weddings, we had a very specific mindset.  There were certain shots we just “had to get” – or we wouldn’t be doing what a wedding photographer does.  Then as we began to shoot things other than weddings, for instance, our beautiful daughter, more and more, we fell in love with documenting moments.  Raw moments without pretense, moments that actually HAPPEN, and aren’t set up.  The wedding photography trend also started to change, and more and more people started shooting in a more documentary kind of way.  And we went with that.

You can go in with a tick-list – prepared for what is “expected” of you by the industry and by the wedding blogs.  You can go in and get “the shot” for instance, get a shot that is mostly posed, of the bride putting on her perfume or earrings, or the groom adjusting his tie and you know what?  The shot would be beautiful!  But will it MATTER in 10 years?  Will the bride look back at those shots and think, “wow, I’ll remember that moment forever”?  The thing is, she probably won’t.  Just because as humans we are wired to connect with memories of pure emotion and depth.  We feel that there is a huge lack in moments like this when you go into a wedding with a tick list.  You are at a wedding, to capture a STORY.  At our workshops, we aim to share how we approach weddings with a mindset different than a lot of trends.  We aim to show you that there is so much more to a wedding than being a technically good photographer.   Capturing moment for people to look back on in 50 years is just the coolest job in the world, and we have the power in our hands to either capture something that will matter in those years to come, or become absolutely irrelevant.

The workshops are normally stretched out over two days at an awesome meeting place where we share passion, knowledge, meals and some good coffee!

Here are some reviews from previous attendees:

“Feeling utterly inspired after spending two days with an amazing group of photographers at the Kikitography workshop. Skillie & Tehillah opened their minds, hearts, and business to us and spoke honestly and freely about their philosophy & photographic experiences.  I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone, no matter your level of experience, we are never too old to learn! Plus you have the added bonus of meeting some pretty rad photographers and broadening your photographic community. ” – Jenni Elizabeth

“I left the Kikitography workshop feeling so inspired and refreshed” – Tabitha at Illuminate Photography

“I’ve always struggled with the “‘importance”  and “realness” of wedding photography which made me quite negative about the whole idea and I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s up to you as the photographer to find the realness even if it’s not always unfolding naturally.” – Nadine van Zyl

“Thank you so much for an unforgettable few days at your workshop. You are such incredibly talented photographers, entrepreneurs, and teachers. I am always so grateful to be learning from fellow photographers, but with you, it was truly exceptional.” – Maryke Albertyn

“It’s a workshop – they prepared talks, and we shoot, and we live edited, etc. But that’s just the surface. It’s this special thing, a unique thing. It’s a safe place where everything is shared and on the table.  I only have glowy warm feelings about it all.” – Carien van der Linde at Sweet Bloom Photography

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Upcoming Workshops

I’ll be announcing new workshops for 2021 & 2022 soon. 

One-on-One sessions will be available too – more soon! 

If you want me to come to your city/town, please let me know and if we can get together enough people from your area, I would love to come hang with you guys and host a workshop there.

For more info mail me at info@kikitography.com

See you soon!