Shadi & Meghan

One Epic Celebration in the US of A
Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, NJ

You know how as a photographer you have a few locations in your head that you secretly dream about shooting at?  Or as a traveller, you imagine yourself getting on a plane to some epic location?  Well, one of our ultimate dreams was to travel to the United States at some point in our lives and shoot a wedding there.  We still remember the day we got Meghan’s first mail, asking us if we would ever consider travelling to the States to shoot their wedding.  We had no hesitation in agreeing and a few months later we were on a plane.  Our first Skype meeting with Shadi and Meghan we chatted for what felt like hours, and we were so amped to meet them in real life and hang out with them.  So we flew into New York City and drove about two hours up the coast to this absolutely incredible place, called Ocean City.  Of course, being from South-Africa and seeing so many cool sights like you would in the movies – total cliche, we know! – we felt like we were in some kind of a dream for most of the time.  The boardwalk along the beach had a magical vibe, the rides at the amusement park would greet you as you opened your hotel windows in the morning, and everyone around the beach and small shops were full of excitement and super friendly.  This place really crawled into our hearts, and to share this experience with two amazing clients just made it so much better.  Shadi and Meghan are two warm-hearted, loving and inviting people and their wedding was one for the books.  Shadi’s family is originally from Jordan, and during the reception, there were some incredible music and dancing to celebrate this day.  The relationships between friends and family were inspiring and truly awesome to see.

Shadi and Meghan, what a wedding!  We had the best time, as we told you guys.  Thank you for trusting us with all your memories.  We hope you love these photos as much as we did taking them for you.

A special thanks to our friends Hannes and Tina, who joined us on this trip and helped to look after our Malkah – we love you!



Skillie & Tehillah


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    Sooooooooo lekker guys! x x x


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