Our first Namibian Adventure

When Namibia stole our hearts

Tehillah visited Namibia many times before, but this would be the first time that our whole family would travel to this absolutely gorgeous neighbouring country. Boarding the plane I was excited out of my mind!  I simply couldn’t wait to see all those landscapes the family kept talking about with my own eyes – and of course to capture it in pictures.  

It was what I expected times a million. My mind was blown. It was just such a lovely holiday for our family. We ran around on the dunes, laughed, Malkah ate some sand – just overall a great adventure! 

The whole time that we were there, I was in awe. I’ve never seen anything like it before – I kept telling Tehillah that God must’ve had such a rad time creating the landscapes of Namibia, because it’s so different and just mindblowingly gorgeous!

This is just a small little peak into our first Namibian adventure. We’ll definitely visit that amazing country again soon! 


Skillie, Tehillah & Malkah


  1. Martha van Rooyen

    love julle fotos en stories! Meer stories ASB!

  2. Emma

    Absolutely incredible! I love your photo’s. You have such a whimsical energy to them.

  3. Kayla Demi

    Your storytelling is so beautiful. i could stare at how you capture the world all day. It inspires me to go outside right now & want to do all of this. (INLOVE)

    • Kikitography

      Hi Kayla! Thanks so much for your beautiful words! Much appreciated! :D


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