London, Baby!

Exploring London & its country side
London, United Kingdom

Early in 2016, we travelled to the United Kingdom to shoot a wedding there, and we had to leave our little Malkah at home with her awesome Ouma and Oupa.  We’ve been parents for almost three years now, and it’s really been such an amazing journey so far.  Parenthood is really difficult to explain to someone that hasn’t gone through it themselves, but in a nutshell – the hardest, but the best of times of your life.  So we sat in the plane all teary, not knowing how we’ll cope without her for 6 days – yes, six days!  But once we touched down in London, it was an incredible time for me and Tehillah.  It was the first time in two and a half years that we were able to stay out late at night and explore.  And what better place than London!

So that’s just a little background context for the photos.  We love travelling and how it influences our senses and creativity.  So here’s a few of our favorite shots from the trip!


Skillie & Tehillah


To see more behind the scenes of our trip – check out the Hashtag on Instagram – #bothasdoenlondon2016


  1. Leandri

    Ek is “obsessed” met julle foto’s. Julle het ongelooflike talent!


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