Adam & Meghan

World Travellers Elope in Cape Town
Cape Town, South-Africa

We’re so excited to share Adam & Meghan’s epic elopement on our site today!  These two have been travelling the world together for a entire year.  They ditched their jobs, sold almost everything they owned, rented out their home in the States and went on this epic adventure.  Their journey is simply amazing, and you can go have a look at their blog here: Every time we have a look at their latest blog posts, we get so excited and just want to jump on a plane and go explore!  We were so thrilled that out of all the places they have been, Adam and Meghan chose to get married in Cape Town.  We met up with them to capture and witness this incredible exchanging of vows.  Not only are they just the two nicest people, their love for each other is so tangible and real.

Thank you guys for this amazing opportunity to be a part of this special day!  Thank you for all the tips on our travels to the States, and we really hope to see you guys again!


Skillie & Tehillah


  1. Marcel

    An incredible series of photographs!

  2. Kat Forsyth

    Wow, SUCH a gorgeous, perfect elopement! Beautiful.

  3. Sarah


    Iv come across your amazing photos of this elopement on a large rocky beach. I am from Oreland hoping to elope to Cape Town in February, where is this beach in your photos? This is ideal for my destination?

  4. Sarah

    Where is this beach it’s amazing? Love the boulders!


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