Jean & Ilse

Baby de Klerk is on his way!

Our awesome friend and assistant, Ilse and her husband Jean are becoming parents to a baby boy this month!  We couldn’t be more excited for them!  We did this shoot for them in the mountains of Wellington, and discovered the loveliest burnt down forest.  We love how it all came out!

Ilse, we are where we are here in the Cape because of your awesome support and love.  You play such a huge role in our lives, and you are so much more than a co-worker.  Your laugh is contagious, your work ethic goes beyond what we could ask for and we can’t wait to see what an amazing mommy you are going to be to this baby boy.  We love you and Jean!

Geniet hierdie!


Skillie & Tehillah



  1. Sumien en Roderick

    Stunnig foto’s van stunning mense!!
    Baie mooi woorde van kikitography!!

    Sien net so uit na baba de Klerk!!

    Sumien en Roderick van Rijn


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