Let's answer your questions

Do you only shoot weddings?

We’re not shooting just weddings.  We do offer Lifestyle shoots as well. We believe all parts of our lives are special, and especially the love families share with each other.  Please be sure to check out the Lifestyle Shoot section on our site for more info regarding this!

Do you offer albums?

We most certainly do. We don’t approach a wedding book in a conventional way of randomly putting images in a book.  We think every little detail through, from the design, all the way to the binding of the books. We want the book to tell the full story, so once again we put in a lot of effort and love. The books are all printed on Italian Fine-Art paper that has been tested with our style of editing and it’s just such a perfect fit.  You’ll get the option to choose from our wide range of linen covers. If you decide to choose a package that does not include an album, please don’t worry – you can print the album whenever it fits your budget – even if it’s a year after the wedding. The prices of our lovely albums are on our price lists that we’ll send your way once you enquired through the contact form. We believe that images only truly become alive once they’re printed, so if possible, please don’t let your images camp out on a harddrive forever – they’re begging to be printed!

How many images do we receive?

We always end up giving between 500-600 unique images.  We also give you a black & white option of most of the images.  We love telling stories in the truest way possible and we won’t leave out any image that might be special to you or contribute to the story of your wedding day – for this reason we do not offer the option of giving you everything we shot on the day or the raw images.

What can you as the couple do to ensure a lovely wedding?
The most important thing is most definitely that you guys enjoy every moment. Don’t stress about the little things. Enjoy becoming husband and wife and enjoy celebrating that epic-ness with your friends and family. The more you are yourselves – the more natural the story will be told.  If you’re hopeless romantics or goofballs – we want to capture YOU and YOUR LOVE for each other.
If you’re coming from abroad, it’s always helpful to make use of a wedding planner/coordinator – please contact us at info@kikitography.com and we’ll kindly send you a list of the best wedding planners in Cape Town that we love to work with.
How long before we receive our wedding story images after the big day?

We pour a lot of love into our post-production. We really invest a large amount of time into your wedding images since we truly want to give you a set of timeless images and pieces of art. We deliver the images 8-10 weeks after the wedding (If they’re done before that time, we’ll most certainly let you know!). We always try our best to send you a few shots a week or two after the wedding as a little preview.

Do you offer hourly coverage?

Yes we do. The least amount of hours we cover in our packages is 10 hours.  Our philosophy is that your can’t capture a wedding story in less hours than 10. Most of our couples however book the unlimited hours option which is the best for optimal storytelling. What is unlimited hours you ask? – It’s simply that – we don’t count any hours of the wedding day – we’re there the entire day to capture the entire day, from start to finish, wherever, whatever, whenever it happens. If however you require our services for less hours than 10, please feel free to contact us, and we can give you more info on hourly rates.

Do you work internationally?

We most certainly do. We’ve travelled to a few places around the world to capture weddings. We’re always keen to travel, so please don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry through the contact form.

Do you travel for weddings & how does the costs around that work?

We are based in the winelands of the Western Cape (Wellington), but we travel for free in a radius of 80km from Wellington.  If your location’s travel time will take more than two hours, please remember to add a little extra to your budget for one night’s accommodation at a B&B.  If we’re looking at 3-4 hours travel time, please remember to add a little extra to your budget for two night’s accommodation at a B&B.  If your wedding is taking place outside of the Western Cape, please remember to budget a bit extra for two flights, a rental car & two night’s accommodation at a B&B.

Who will be shooting my wedding?

There will always be a team of two photographers capturing your wedding.  It will either be Skillie and/or Pc, plus one of our other trained shooters.

How do you book us?

You can enquire through the contact us tab on the website.  You can also request a Skype meeting there if you’d like to.  When you enquire, please tell us a bit of yourselves and your story and the vibe you’re planning for your wedding. If you decide to book – we’ll send you the contract and invoice for the 50% booking fee. We do have a 2-month payment plan available for the booking fee if you’re interested. Please note that the booking is only secure once we have received the 50% booking fee along with the contract.  Once that’s done you can call us your official wedding storytellers!

How far in advance should we book?

We take bookings 15 months in advance.  In high-wedding-season dates get booked up real quick, so be sure to enquire 6-12 months in advance for those popular dates.

The best way to enquire?

Fill in the contact form on the Contact page, or drop us a mail at info@kikitography.com.